10 Tips To Shake It Off

  1. Bad day? Shake It Off by planning something to look forward to doing tomorrow.
  2. Pandemic pessimism? Shake It Off by thinking of all the good things that have happened because of having to rethink and re-approach your way of life a little differently.
  3. Lost the deal? Shake it off! Think about the lessons you have learnt and plan for success on your next project.
  4. Protests again? Shake it off! Take the scenic route and enjoy the drive!
  5. Traffic jam? Shake It off! Sip your On-the-Go breakfast shake and relax after the rush of the morning until you are on your way again.
  6. Load shedding? Shake it off! Enjoy Replace® , your delicious, high in protein shake that fills you up until the power is back on.
  7. Cravings? Shake them off! A high protein breakfast can be a great way to help reduce food cravings. Start your day with Replace® , your high in protein meal in a glass to help you stick to your meal plan today.
  8. Comfort eating? Stress can lead to increased eating which can lead to further stress about your eating habits. Shake It Off. Strengthen your resilience by developing healthy ways to cope with stress.
  9. Tempted to grab fast food on the Go? Shake Off opportunities to eat fast food by always having your delicious Replace® Shake handy for all those On-the-Go meal moments.
  10. Couch potato syndrome? Shake off spending too much time sitting. It can be as simple as taking a brisk walk on your lunch break. Be a Mover and a Shaker in 2021!
  11. Habits can be hard to change but with your new Shake it Off Attitude, pave the path to healthier and happier days.

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