Frequently Asked Questions for Replace® Range

Yes. Replace®  is a meal replacement. We recommend taking 1-2 servings a day to replace a meal or using it to supplement your diet.

The body needs a variety of essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Replace® restores and maintains these nutrients, giving your body what it needs, in the right amounts.

All 3 variants of Replace® are available in three delicious flavours: Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate.

Yes, although we do recommend that you only substitute 1-2 meals a day to supplement your diet, however, if need be, you can replace all your meals with Replace® when you cannot eat.

Replace® Diabetic has been specifically formulated for people with blood sugar problems or those living with diabetes. To view more frequently asked questions about Replace® Diabetic click here.

Yes, you can. It will be a good idea to keep your shake refrigerated until you are ready to drink it. Shake before you drink it and ensure you consume it within 12 hours.

Replace® contains, amongst other ingredients, fats, which might contribute to rancidity when exposed to air for too long. Rancidity could lead to undesirable changes in the taste and the smell of your product. It is therefore recommended that you drink your Replace® within a month of opening the tin.

Yes, you can use Replace® Junior which has been specifically developed with the nutritional needs of children from 3 to 12 years of age.  Click here to get answers to questions specifically for
Replace® Junior

Keep in mind that Replace® Classic and Replace® Diabetic have been developed with the nutritional needs of adults in mind.

Yes, Replace® Classic was developed for anyone over the age of 12 years.

Replace® is available at leading pharmacies and retail stores.
You can also buy Replace® online at Takealot, Dis-Chem and Clicks.
Replace® is also available at selected retail stores and pharmacies.

Yes, the Replace®  are lactose-free.

Yes, the Replace® Range contains cow’s milk and whey protein but is lactose-free.  Lactose is a sugar that is found in all dairy products.  Dairy-free products do not contain any ingredients found in dairy.  They are made from nuts or other plant-based ingredients.

Yes, the Replace® Range is Gluten free.

Replace® Shakes are formulated to mix well, resulting in a smooth texture that is easy and delicious to drink.

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