Frequently Asked Questions For Replace® Classic

Yes. Replace® Classic can be used as a meal replacements or nutritional supplements as it contains a 3rd of your daily nutritional requirement. Replace® Classic is a great tasty way to help you get the energy and strength needed to keep up with your buy lifestyle.

Replace® Classic is high in energy, high in protein and high in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Replace® Classic contains 26 vitamins and minerals and is also lactose, gluten and cholesterol free.

Yes, Replace® Classic is a meal replacement that contains 15 % protein, 48 % carbohydrates and 23 % fats which make-up Your Meal in a Glass. (% total energy)

You can use Replace® Classic as a meal or a snack.

To replace a Meal

Take four level scoops (53 g) of Replace® Classic.
Gradually add to 200 ml of water/milk while stirring (mix until the powder dissolves). Makes 7 servings

Have 1-2 servings daily to substitute/supplement your diet (as required).

To use as a Snack
For a snack simply use half the serving, 2 level scoops with 100 ml of water/milk. Makes 14 servings

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