Milky Choco Ice Lollies

Who is not up for an ice lolly on a sunny South African day? The trouble with most store-bought ice lollies, is that they tend to be packed with sugar so why not have some fun and make your own homemade ice lollies. Replace® Chocolate is inspired by creamy chocolate fudge made with real coco which is why you simply must try out this recipe!

When you’re done, take snaps, share them with friends and we’d love to see your cool creations on the Replace® Facebook page too!


6 lolly moulds (100ml liquid each)


570 ml of low fat/skimmed milk/water as Replace Classic already tastes milky even when its mixed with water.
12 scoops of Replace® Chocolate

Makes 6 servings

Blend Replace® with your selected liquid and pour into ice lolly moulds. Place in the freezer to set. Once the lollies are set you can place the lolly mould in some hot water for half a minute to loosen the lollies and enjoy the delicious chocolatey, fudge flavour that also packed with 26 vitamins and minerals!

Remember that Replace® is a meal replacement that should be used as part of a balanced diet.

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