With today’s busy lifestyles, it’s often a challenge to get the right nutrition, in the right amounts to make sure that your body has enough energy to meet the demands of your multiple responsibilities.

We’re all looking for convenient solutions that simplify our lives and help us to stay on top of our game.

Let’s face it, who really has the time to prepare healthy, highly nutritious meals every day? Being ON-THE-GO means we often reach for fast foods which lack the right levels of nutrients. They leave us feeling unsatisfied and lacking the energy our body’s need.

Replace® Classic is the perfect solution for the nutritional challenges that face us in the 21st century because restoring and maintaining essential nutrients in the right amounts is a quick and easy Meal in a Glass away.

Replace® Classic is a nutritional shake that can be used as a meal replacement or nutritional supplement.

Flavour Inspirations

Nutrition has never tasted this good!


Flavour Inspirations

Nutrition has never tasted this good!

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Replace® is also available at leading pharmacies and retail stores

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Replace® is also available at leading pharmacies and retail stores


Replace®. So Lekker coz it’s Local!

Replace® is a Proud South African Product. Yes, Replace® has been formulated with you, the everyday fun-loving, GO-GETTER South African and the daily demands of your local lifestyle in mind. It may surprise you to learn that Replace® has already been making great nutrition quick and easy for South African’s for the past 15 years!

The next time you enjoy Your Meal in a Glass, remember that Replace® is just another reason why local is lekker. Besides feeling great about taking care of your nutrition, you can also enjoy the good feeling that comes from knowing that by using a locally manufactured product like Replace®, you are helping to MOVE & SHAKE UP our South African economy!

Replace® Classic tastes so lekker and is available in three lekker flavours.

Replace® is available at a lekker price too. With so many nutrients it really offers great value for money. To check out the prices you can go to the buy now section and select your favourite online store.

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