Replace Recipes

Milk tart shake

Milk Tart Shake

Milk Tart Shake When you are craving for something sweet and South African, all you need to do is add a touch of cinnamon to your Replace® Vanilla Shake. It is that easy! Ingredients 190 ml chilled low fat/skimmed milk or you can even use water as Replace Classic Vanilla even tastes milky with water! [...]

Milky Choco Ice Lollies

Milky Choco Ice Lollies Who is not up for an ice lolly on a sunny South African day? The trouble with most store-bought ice lollies, is that they tend to be packed with sugar so why not have some fun and make your own homemade ice lollies. Replace® Chocolate is inspired by creamy chocolate fudge [...]

Summer Watermelon Smoothie

Summer Watermelon Smoothie Create a relaxing moment for yourself by finding a secluded, scenic place to sit outside and sip the refreshing cool, sweet mingle of watermelon and vanilla while you enjoy the South African sunshine. Equipment needed: A blender A paper straw (Replace plastic with paper and be kind to the environment) Watermelon consists [...]

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